mercoledì 15 aprile 2009


Sabato 18 Aprile
ore 15.00 - 18.00
C.S.O.A. Cox18

Via Conchetta 18 – Milano

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This wend we are going to present to the pubblic the activity of L.E.P.

Laboratorio Elettronico Popolare = L.E.P.

Popular Electronics Laboratory = P.E.L.

The workshop was held by the Popular Electronics Laboratory (PEL), consisting dall'eclettico artist milanese Tonylight and analog dall'alchimista Peppo Lasagna, with the participation of Dorkbot Milano.
The purpose of the laboratory is to design and build electronic devices for audio / video interfaces to develop open source to create sounds and images, video, lights.

For this event, L.E.P. presents his latest projects: "Leploop, a small analog synth to produce music and" Videomoog ", a synth to produce video images by following the synthesis of music.